About Us


Pajama Pouch™ was developed when our son turned 6 and he lost his first tooth. When shopping the market I noticed there wasn’t much out there for a boy in particular to put his tooth in for the tooth fairy. I didn’t like the idea of putting it under his pillow because it could get lost also how do you grab it without waking up the child. I remembered in the 1970’s I had a pajama bag that I used for my pajamas that I kept on my bed. I loved this cloth, plush item and I noticed that there was nothing like this in stores. No one was doing anything like this in a mass produced way. Both my son and daughter often told me at night that when I would send them to their rooms to get ready for bed they couldn’t find their pajamas. I would always put them in a drawer and they would always ask for help finding them. I took the two ideas and started drawing up designs. I drew a front and back view and added my Sparrow logo. We wanted a simple name and I decided to call our product Pajama Pouch™. I designed the logo, designed a website, had a quantity manufactured and started selling them online. We had the logos and designs trademarked and obtained a patent.


Pajama Pouch™ has been featured on Groupon, City Deals, Dealpigg, Daily Deals for Moms, Eversave to name a few. It has been reviewed on quite a few mothers blogs including A Day in Motherhood, Housewife on a Mission, Savvymommy Moments, iHeart Motherhood and more. Pajama Pouch™ got great reviews from the bloggers and their followers. They were featured in contest giveaways and promoted on their sites. We welcome all customers to take a look at Pajama Pouch™. Kids love them and they make a great unique gift. They are useful and fun. Their durable construction allows them to be stuffed, carried and played with on a daily basis. Pajama Pouch™ is a great addition to any child’s bedroom.